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Increased organic visitors to LTrent Driving School by 54% in 3 months

300% year on year increase in organic leads for Zenith Payments

Boosted organic traffic by 64% for Doors Plus

On average, our clients get a 300% ROI from our SEO services

We drive traffic, leads and revenue for Australian businesses Digital Marketing.

What makes our Gurus jump out of bed every morning?

Online Marketing Gurus are Australia's leading data driven Digital Agency.

With a team of over 30 full time Gurus, we deliver a time-tested Digital Marketing process that is proven to improve rankings, increase  traffic and drive revenue for companies ranging from small local businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises. 

We have been recognised in,, Search Engine Journal, Sky News, Deloitte, Smart company and many more...

What makes us different?

We've serviced over 1,000 businesses... We leverage the data and expertise gained from our campaigns for your direct benefit.

We are one of the only agencies with a R&D Team and we have spend hundreds of thousands to build the latest tools and discover the latest processes

Our team of over 100 Gurus in our different departments partner together with you to deliver real digital outcomes...not templated solutions.

The Online Marketing Gurus Head office is located in Surry Hills Sydney ( yes...very hipster and we have an office puppy too!)

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Meet your new SEO team!

We don't mean to brag, but we're one of Australia's fastest growing Digital Agencies and most awarded (the only one that has been endorsed by 2 of the biggest digital Marketers in the globe)

Here are a few of our awards:


Over 200 organic leads per month, up from zero.

Page 1 rankings for ‘Australian Swimwear’, ‘Bikinis Online’, ‘Bathers Online’.

Baku Swimwear

Over 1,660 keywords ranking on page 1 and a 94.9% increase in organic search revenue.

Hello Molly

Generated over $1,000,000 in revenue from SEO in their second year of collaboration with OMG.

LPZ Plumbing

And our results speak for themselves.

When it comes down to it, we know Digital Marketing...

Get a custom proposal. It's full of goodies: competitor research, specific ideas for improvement, keyword opportunities and more.

This is a paragraph. Click here to add / edit your own text. This should be used to tell a story and let your users know a little more about your product or service. How can you benefit them?

This is a paragraph. Click here to add / edit your own text. This should be used to tell a story and let your users know a little more about your product or service. How can you benefit them?

With simple SEO techniques, you can improve your ranking on search results pages and increase your site traffic in a short time. By implementing these simple SEO techniques on your website, you can rank higher in search results.


Search engine optimization is concerned with the quality of the content presented to the reader as well as the keywords. Google says you need to prepare your content for your readers, not for the system. If you think that content is only related to keywords, give up this idea and focus on the quality of your content. While you create content, put your keywords in text and images, of course, but do not use excessive keywords, on the contrary, you should strive to provide quality content by empathizing with the reader.


Responsive design is a technique that allows you to customize the layout of your website to fit the screen size of the user. The traffic sources of your websites are starting to slip into tablets and smartphones. With Responsive design, you can make your site friend-friendly to these mobile devices and at the same time allow Google to send more traffic to your site.

Information about Responsive Web Designers in Los Angeles


User-friendly URLs help people remember your page. For example, a URL with “? P = 13” should be “/ my-friendly-page /” for easier recall. Many site administrators use the title of the page in creating a URL. But you can also create URLs using different keywords.


Modern search engine algorithms no longer take keywords into meta tags when positioning your site. But the meta description tags still need to be written effectively and correctly.

Meta description tags are also important to increase your clickthrough rate because they are shown on the search engine result pages.


What I mean here is to produce and share articles, such as a compilation list or an interviewing work.


The most important thing in a website is content. One of the first things people ask about content is “How much content is enough?”. The more content you have, the more traffic you will have. People on your pages can still find other things they are curious about on your site. This will ensure a large increase in your click-through rate. So, if there’s a lot of content on your page, the more you have a positive impact on search engine rankings. If you have a lot of content on a category page and those who want to see all of your products are pulling down the page, you can increase your ranking.

8 Reasons Why You Need Unique Content for Your Website


Do you know that Google shows your social media profiles amongst the top results in search listings for brand names? Social media platforms are more personal than sites and can explain the company’s personality. Nowadays people prefer to search brand or business on social media platforms rather than on Google. Google gives you information about the brand, but social media shows the company’s image. Social media accounts are the key to your website. If they like your Instagram or Facebook, they will probably check your website too.


After optimizing your content, Website Layout is the next thing you need to take care of while doing On Page SEO. Can you just imagine visiting a website with a bad layout, there are more than 80% chances that you won’t like to visit that site again….